2019 is going to be all about fixing ineffective bookkeeping strategies, and helping business owners like yourself recoup some of their precious time. There are many different types of small businesses out there but many of them have 1 thing in common; complicated, inefficient, and non-compliant bookkeeping procedures. If you are wasting hours of your limited time “finding things” for your accountant or bookkeeper, loan officer, or shareholders in your business, then this one’s for you. The most important method to use when creating a simple and effective bookkeeping system is to make sure it is streamlined. Systems that are made not only to get the job done, but also to remain in compliance and to be efficient as well as save you time( and maybe even some money). The following are 3 tips to help you streamline the bookkeeping for your business and start the new year off right.

Everything in one place

If you can only take one tip from here let this one be it. Keeping everything in one place is going to save you the most time of all of these tips. Imagine being in a meeting with a client, or a shareholder, and being able to find your most recent Profit and loss statement right away. This dream is a reality when you know exactly where to look, and keeping your records, reports, and all other information in one place is how you make that happen.

Hire a professional

This one is a little more difficult to do but when it comes to your financial records consistency is key. Making sure your records are always up to date is something that a professional can provide to you, that you may be lacking the time and energy to provide for yourself. Here at neat we know how important a good tax professional is, that’s why we have a directory of accountants for you to choose from that are already integrated with our software as well.

Get good systems in place

Whether you have a professional on your side or not, you have to have a good system in place. Whoever is running this portion of your business is going to need the tools to do so effectively. Getting out of excel could be your first step (and here are 3 reasons why you should), and getting a a 30-day trial of neat software could be your second step to a streamlined bookkeeping process.

Here at neat we know how important it is that your records are accurate, complete, and that keeping up with everything isn’t daunting. Our software lets you easily use your smartphone to snap pictures of your receipts, so that record keeping becomes a breeze. Good software, a good professional, and a central location for your records are just the tip of the iceberg in streamlining and improving your accounting process. Implementing these small tips in your routine will make a world of different and help you to streamline your process, saving you time to focus your time on other important business (or even personal) activities!

Who is Neat and how can they help?

Neat eliminates manual bookkeeping tasks.  Whether it be by scanning, mobile capture, email or drag and drop, Neat automates the capture, extraction, categorization and storage a small business’s most important transactional data and financial documents.  Collaborate online with your accountant to prepare for tax audits, file taxes, run expense reports and gain insights and intelligence into the health of your business, all within a bank-level secure cloud environment accessible across all devices.

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